Monday, March 7, 2011

Trash cow

I wear like a pijamas to university. Hate the exam periods, & thats exactly when the least fashion is going on (in my life). Now its better coz im not stressed out and spend only few hours a day in class. The weather is still a chill so the light sweaters are the main thong around. Just yesterday found this grey-wool-knitwear made back in the 80’s (belongs to my momma). It’s comfy just as my beloved p-jays, and yet stands for a piece of an wearable clothing. A leather purse to match is amazing. Love the wallet-size cos its super practical (to me, who carries nothing but phone & money, when go out). Also,the necklace i bought years back (for 1 euro) for nights out or fancy-smart occasions, i think, matches this casual outfit in some silly way, don’t you think? 

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