Friday, March 11, 2011

Play Numbers

1. Golden vintage bracelet

2. "Bata" leather boots
3. "Terranova" beige cotton trousers

4. "Stradivarius" platforms

5. Raw-silk blaizer by "Maja Molteno"
6. Michael Jackson XL tee
7. Vintage leather belt
8. Bunch of fake pearls
9. Vintage leather purse
10. Lily Tailor for SOSOX basic
11. "Stradivarius" shorts

mom passed me the habit to cut & collect pages from fashion magazines with examples of how to mix various clothing items (for certain period) while you dispose just a few of them. im always packing myself for holidays by following that scheme - pack light & be creative.

* let me know your idea? which numbers would you fuse to make an outfit?


  1. Hvala za kommentar, ljepotice ;)

    Hoces da se pratimo?