Saturday, March 19, 2011


    Jacket: Zekstra

Thing for jackets ive been carrying since birth. But, seeing myself with golden chain still stands unexplainable.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Топла препорука за Београђане. Књижара "Вулкан" на својим полицама складишти чувено благо фотографија фантастичног Себастја Салгада. Опус је ултра-потстицајне садржине. Адреналин кључа потврђено, од корице до корице. Понесена усхићењем, егзактну цену нажалост нисам запамтила, требало би да је преко 2000. дин.  

Такође бих волела да, већ изразито ефектан визуелни пост, поткрепим још једном уметничком формом исте тематике. 

Учинимо нашу Планету лепшим местом. <3

Friday, March 11, 2011

Play Numbers

1. Golden vintage bracelet

2. "Bata" leather boots
3. "Terranova" beige cotton trousers

4. "Stradivarius" platforms

5. Raw-silk blaizer by "Maja Molteno"
6. Michael Jackson XL tee
7. Vintage leather belt
8. Bunch of fake pearls
9. Vintage leather purse
10. Lily Tailor for SOSOX basic
11. "Stradivarius" shorts

mom passed me the habit to cut & collect pages from fashion magazines with examples of how to mix various clothing items (for certain period) while you dispose just a few of them. im always packing myself for holidays by following that scheme - pack light & be creative.

* let me know your idea? which numbers would you fuse to make an outfit?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Coat:Benetton;   Shoes:Camper;  Shirt:Pecky, hand embroidered

red is definitely my colour. not favourite,but for some strange reason has been most forced since like EVER. actually, two of ma favourite redish clothes EVER are this silky shirt & michael jackson's thriller jacket. um, as already mentioned, the fact im very very veryyy much INTO stuffing pretty elegant & smart pieces INTO casual looks, could be seen even here (where im just walking-chatting-having snack with ma sister on fine sunny afternoon). And yet the shirt is like screaming its purpose should be attending some super-cool-dinner at restaurant. im like never EVER quiting this "hypocrat" clotnihg philosophy  <3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


                           Blouse: Diesel Discoveries;            Shoes: Bata;                   Pants: Terranova 

day when everything went wrong. you know, dropping breakfast,missing the bus etc. still found the time for a portion of wheat at local pastry shop with a friend who offered a helping hand. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Trash cow

I wear like a pijamas to university. Hate the exam periods, & thats exactly when the least fashion is going on (in my life). Now its better coz im not stressed out and spend only few hours a day in class. The weather is still a chill so the light sweaters are the main thong around. Just yesterday found this grey-wool-knitwear made back in the 80’s (belongs to my momma). It’s comfy just as my beloved p-jays, and yet stands for a piece of an wearable clothing. A leather purse to match is amazing. Love the wallet-size cos its super practical (to me, who carries nothing but phone & money, when go out). Also,the necklace i bought years back (for 1 euro) for nights out or fancy-smart occasions, i think, matches this casual outfit in some silly way, don’t you think? 

Walk through tha front door

Hello dearest, greet y’all with my first post. t's kinda boring, sorry, ummmm... still i decide not to change my mind & keep it to the minimum. So, guess that’s kinda it buhuhu